Jul 7, 2013

Short Meditation Exercise to Connect to Stillness

This exercise attempts to guide you to notice the stillness within yourself


There are many layers and depths of stillness. See if you can notice some stillness within yourself, however light or deep. Stillness is present in all of us at all times, it’s not a matter of creating it, it is a matter of tuning in and noticing it underneath the surface.

Get yourself into a comfortable sitting position. If you can, sit outside, or near a window overlooking some trees, or overlooking some water, or just notice the wind, sun or rain on your skin. Take a moment to settle yourself. See what you notice in your body. Maybe start by noticing your breath, watching the inhale and exhale.

You might notice that you have an ache or pain, that you feel a little uncomfortable or your mind keeps going back to that conversation you had at lunch. If you can, bring your awareness back to your body and see if you can find some ease underneath the surface, underneath the pain, underneath those irritations.

Bring your awareness back to your breath and allow it to fill your whole body. Allow your whole body to breathe. Maybe invite some settling deep insideyourself. Maybe invite some stillness, underneath the outer surface.

Have a look at the tree, or water, or feel the sun on your face. Notice everything about it. If your mind wanders just gently bring it back to the tree. Watch the wind move the leaves in the tree, the sun glisten though the branches, the rain pour down its trunk. Just observe. As you connect with the tree, notice what happens in your body. You might notice that there is a little more space, that your breathing has deepened, that you are more settled. Just notice any incremental changes.

Slowly move from your noticing your body to noticing the tree and back to your body. See what happens. Notice the stillness in the room or space around you.

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