Starting 21 May 2021 | Jane Shaw

From birth mother to earth mother: Recovering self through relationship

An immersive biodynamic craniosacral therapy advanced training

Elmfield, Gilford, Co. Down

Craniosacral therapy advanced training


“Everything is fruit to me which thy seasons bring, O Nature, from thee are all things, in thee are all things, to thee all things return” Marcus Aurelius. 

This 14-month CST advanced training is an immersive in-person experience of biodynamic CST designed to empower and to ground you in your authentic truth as practitioner. Held over six three-day workshops, the core material is centred around the mother archetype, exploring the intersections of CST, Jungian and eco psychology, and pre and perinatal psychology

Bringing Jungian concepts to a biodynamic craniosacral therapy landscape we will dive deep into the world of pre and peri-natal experience and attachment. How can broken relationships be repaired through a reimagined relationship to the Mother? Through gentle exploration of early imprints we will invite a return to wholeness.


The intention is to create a field of enquiry where truly emergent potential can evolve individually for each therapist as well as within our collective practice, through the principles of reciprocity and doing non-doing.


Each immersive workshop will focus on a different theme, with nature practices and archetypal perspectives woven into each one. We will invite a selection of international guest teachers from the CST and allied fields to share their research and experience. They will deliver their teachings via a zoom lecture as part of each workshop. 

As we emerge from the challenges of the pandemic, the intention is to create a nourishing field to hold us in community once more. We will gently come back into relationship with ourselves, with each other and of course with the land and all her gifts. We will spend lots of time outside foraging, connecting, dreaming with the land. We will dive deeply to meet our early wounds, offering those places the balm of gentle awareness.  


There will be hands on craniosacral practice each day and we will pay particular attention to creating safety for each participant, understanding that everyone's needs may be different

This is an experientally led workshop, exploring personal process and clinical practice skills.



So as to create a closed group for greater safety and depth of experience, we ask that if possible you commit to the first three immersive workshops, after which there will be a break when some participants will leave and others will join. Hopefully this structure also gives some flexibility to those who cannot commit to the whole six workshops. Ideally the majority will join for all six immersions.  


Dates: Part One

21 to 23 May 2021

Introduction to working with the mother archetype in CST. The spark of life: Experiencing the power of potency and ignition within and without.

Guest presentation: Katherine Ukleja. The healing function of Potency. (click here for bio)


20 to 22 Aug 2021

Immersing into the fluid body: Meeting our pre and perinatal patterns. 

Guest presentation: Cherionna Menzam-Sills. Meeting our early imprints. (click here for bio)


19 to 21 Nov 2021

Meeting the natural world within. 

Guest presentation: Viola Sampson. An introduction to the microbiome within BCST practice (click here for bio)


Dates: Part Two

4 to 6 Feb 2022

Working with the mother archetype: Meeting the sacred within the human and non-human world.

Guest tbc


22 to 24 April 2022

Dreaming with our ancestors 

Guest tbc


1 to 3 July 2022

Journey into stillness. An integration.

Guest tbc



Cost per each 3-day immersion £345 (incl VAT) Includes refreshments

Deposit to secure place £120

Payment plans available.

Open to all craniosacral therapists and cranial osteopaths.

TO BOOK please email jane@janeshaw.co.uk


In-person training

Venue: Elmfield Estate, Gilford, Co. Down

Facilitator: Jane Shaw


Times: 10am to 6pm Fri and Sat, 10am to 4pm Sun.