tbc June 2018 | Jane Shaw

Weekly embodied meditation classes (5 weeks)

Monday evening meditation

Elmfield, Gilford, Co. Down

This meditation course is designed for everyone, whether a complete beginner or a long term meditator. The style of meditation taught is secular in that it is not based on any religion or crede, rather, the focus is on the body. By becoming aware of the breath and subtle sensations in our body, our mind is given a break from its busy thinking which allows our nervous system to better regulate. This means we are more resilient to daily stresses and pressures whether from family or work.

The course is designed to include 5 weekly classes but if you are unsure you want to sign up for the whole series why not join Jane for the first one and see how you get on. 

Call Jane for more information or to book a place 07974 159460.

£10 for each class or £40 for the whole series of five (fifth class is free!) Includes tea and homemade treats!

7.30pm to 9pm.