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July 22/23 2017 | Laurence Shorter

Achieve more by doing less: An effortless creativity retreat

The Lazy Guru comes to Ireland

Elmfield, Gilford, Co. Down

Join us for a weekend of connection and insight with Laurence Shorter, author of The Optimist and The Lazy Guru’s Guide to LIfe.

Focusing on Laurence’s philosophy of achieving more by doing less, we will experience what it means to be effortless while developing clarity on our own personal dreams, projects and concerns.

Why we are meeting:

- to rest and refresh amidst nature

- to make space for insight and solutions to our problems

- to develop a clear path for your creative emergence

- to have fun and enjoy


Laurence is a leadership coach and comedian who blends humour and insight, transformation and conversation in potent combination - inviting you to become part of something bigger: the living group as a vehicle of change and renewal.

The weekend will be hosted by Jane Shaw at her family home, Elmfield, a stunning estate on the banks of the river Bann, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. With 50 acres of landscaped grounds it is a sanctuary of peace and calm. You will be treated to delicious, healthy lunches and dinners, made with locally sourced organic produce.

"To emerge more individually and distinctly in our creative projects and lives, we need the support of a community, we need paradoxically to become part of creating something bigger."

Laurence is here to remind us that busy is not the best way; there is a way that gets things done but doesn’t drive us into the ground. By making space from the belief “I need to do something” and paying attention to our feelings of upset, tiredness and emotion, we give space for something much better to happen. At this retreat Laurence will guide you through a series of exercises that teach you how to create effortlessly, and how to experience a new way of being.

Expect the unexpected. Come and have fun learnign how to do nothing so that you can get lots done.


£205 for weekend (non residential). Includes lunch, dinner and all refreshments

Optional Friday night welcome dinner. Sat 10am to 9pm. Sun 10am to 4pm.

Limited accommodation is available. B&B. From £50 shared to £110 deluxe double per night.

If you are interested in attending this retreat please contact Jane Shaw by email or phone 07974159460.

You can find out more about the Lazy Guru here Lazy Guru